Shakerheadz Case Study

The Shakerheadz are a collector group made up of enthusiasts of the popular energy drink brand, GFUEL Energy. This group collects all the types of products that GFUEL has to offer, but their collections primarily consist of shaker cups.

Khan Design Co. / 2020

So how did this come about?

The group wanted a mark that could easily identify the group, which is why I chose to go with a badge design. The element that distinguishes the badge from others is the actual “Shaker Head” featured in the middle. This element is a hybrid of a man wearing a hat and a shaker cup. The hat features the GFUEL “G” lettermark to highlight loyalty to the brand. A “#” is shown on the shaker cup to foreshadow the group’s common hashtag - #SHAKERHEADZ.

GFUEL has over 200 released shakers with unique color combinations. I decided it would be interesting to have the badge mimic official shaker cups, which leads to 200+ possible color combinations. Here are just a few I did for the group.